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We will discuss picture books, early readers, middle-grade novels, YA novels and other forms, and I will provide some direct instruction as the need arises and post supporting material on the main forms and genres.

Your computer operating system must meet the following minimum specifications: Writers will also be expected to research and provide feedback to the class about recent audio podcast series or shows such as: In this course, you will cultivate a nuanced understanding of contemporary new media that will inform your role in shaping its future as both a writer and a digital citizen.

Students are encouraged to expand and enrich their narrative skills by working in multiple genres. We will screen and discuss a variety of films complete and excerpted in class, analyzing and examining the essentials that bring a script to life. The shape of the course changes with the hope that you can experience poetry at its largest, most performative scale as well as its smallest, most intimate one.

At the end of the term, you will submit a revision of one of your pieces along with a reflection on your revision process. Genres to be explored include fiction, creative nonfiction including memoir, personal essay, profilepoetry, songwriting, screenwriting, and playwriting.

Genres to be explored include fiction, creative nonfiction including memoir, personal essay, profilepoetry, songwriting, screenwriting, and playwriting.

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In this course, craft development will be viewed as a three-pronged practice: Furthermore, we will occasionally invite guest poets into our class for additional insight into their process and into the writing life. In this workshop-based course, you will be asked to submit two substantial pieces of writing which can both be from the same project, but must be new, never workshopped beforeand you will have the opportunity to be a peer editor once.

Regular attendance and participation in the workshop are essential for it to succeed.

Online MFA Courses

Through multi-media lectures, discussions, guest speakers from various new media niches, in-class creative work, and writing assignments across genres, this course equips you with the critical framework and writing skills to engage meaningfully and productively with the ever-evolving faces of media.

At the same time, students will engage in active group work to gain the practical writing skills to conceive, develop, and produce an effective podcast. The class runs across 27 hours to accommodate the schedules of students in different time zones.

Through supplementary lectures and workshops we will cover: This two-term class is for anyone interested in writing for the small screen; no previous screenwriting experience is required but it is helpful.

Topics will include character design, world building, panel composition, page layout, and process from script to final inks. The three-hour classes this term will make attendance even more critical than usual, and will provide us with wonderful opportunities for in-class writing and sharing.

Writing assignments will give students an opportunity to attempt a few of the non-fiction forms introduced in the class. We will also screen movies and examine screenwriting structure, formatting and craft, working from the age-old adage that a writer must first know the rules in order to break them.

Students will be paired with cross-disciplinary collaborating partners as they broaden their skills in the craft and composition of songs. I will expect you to write a treatment and two short screenplays or, depending on your experience and interest, you may write part of a feature-length screenplay.

You also have the option of taking a directed studies course, where you will investigate a creative writing practice and complete a significant writing project. Many internships require strong writing skills, which is perfect for Creative Writing majors.

I will facilitate the workshops for the first half of the term, turning that role over to you for the second round of workshops, and I will provide guidance in giving written and verbal feedback that is constructive and respectful. We will workshop two pieces: Assignments will include writing exercises, portfolios, and producing your own poetic form.

During the course of the workshop, students will be required to bring at least one of their stories to final draft or close to it. We will cover the essentials: You will have the opportunity to submit two pieces of writing for children or teens and to revise one of those pieces for submission at the end of term, along with a reflection on your work and learning.

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The main focus of the course is the workshop, so we will also review how to give constructive and respectful criticism. Just like this, infinite plots and fiction styles may be devised from just a handful of narrative building blocks. CRWR Q term 1 Writing Fiction 1 3 credits Theodora Armstrong a workshop in the writing of fiction designed to help students develop as both writers and critical thinkers.

Shows from specialty channels like HBO or streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, as long as the show is on-going are just as welcome as regular network TV.

Save To Worklist Subject Code - CRWR (Creative Writing) For admission requirements for all courses see Creative Writing entry under Arts. UBC, consistently ranked in the top forty universities in the world, offers world-class creative writing programs at the BFA and MFA level, on-campus and by Distance Education.

Join us. We're delighted to present a series of 3 non-credit novel writing courses with Annabel Lyon and Nancy Lee, on the edX online learning platform.

The Creative Writing program at UBC’s Okanagan campus organizes author readings throughout the academic year and runs an annual short story contest.

A visiting writers series and Writer-in-Residence program provide additional opportunities to meet, and learn from, accomplished writers.

Special course in advanced creative writing for. Distance Learning Courses.

Online MFA Courses

New to Distance Learning at UBC? Admission to UBC; Online Registration and Course Fees Distance Learning Courses; Continuing Studies; Creative Writing, Optional-Residency MFA Program Rehabilitation Science Online Programs; Distance Learning.

The University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC. This two-year studio program offers workshops in the following genres: fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, writing for children, translation, stage play, radio, television, song lyric and libretto, screenwriting, new media, and writing for graphic forms.

The Creative Writing Student Association is a student-run organization founded to enhance the student community of UBC Creative Writing students (MFA and BFA) by offering events and mentoring opportunities for students.

Ubc online creative writing courses
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